Yula Elysian

inner journey music – Shadow work – Womb Work

Yula Elysian

Intuitive Singing – Shadow Work – Womb work 

Go on a journey within

“That was one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful piece of music I have ever heard. It came at the perfect time. She has a voice.. of a valkyrie. Channeling the old gods. Channeling the healing powers of Freyja. And a wisdom that is lost in our modern lives. 

I felt a white light with every vocalisation connecting me to an ethereal realm that is lost to us in these concrete jungles. I felt the trees. Felt the wind in the trees. I felt ancient snow. Falling off the flack of the wolf pack. I felt the cold of the axes my ancestors carved to fell the trees to keep them warm and safe over winter. And I forgot about all the bad in the world. She has a voice unlike anything. That is rare in this world. To be able to channel that is something that is not a gift given to many. So thank her for me.”

- William, Listener from England

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The Voice of Shadows Program

Do you ever find yourself struggling to express your true voice? To speak your truth without feeling fear or shame? Do you feel weighed down by not feeling good enough when it comes to singing or expressing yourself? 

The Voice of Shadows Program is here to guide you on a powerful journey of self-discovery and healing. This transformative experience is a unique combination of shadow work, voice activation, and womb healing to help you unlock your authentic voice and release the blockages that have been holding you back. Break free from the constraints of self-doubt and step into a new world of self-expression, confidence, and empowerment. 

Discover the true power of your voice and free her limitless potential.

Music & Workshops
for Retreats

Are you in search of a truly enchanting and unforgettable experience to offer your guests? 

Yula is sure to create a magical atmosphere that will transport your guests to another realm. Let her unique artistry leave a lasting impression on your guests, and elevate your gathering to a whole new level of enchantment. 

She supports not just with music, but also with workshops that create a safe and guided space for healing through voice activation, dance, meditation and writing to dive deep into our inner world and discover hidden layers of our conscious and subconscious mind.

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