To the voice of shadows.


To the voice of shadows.

Hey love.

welcome to The Voice of Shadows.

A 6 week online journey into discovering your voice, your womb and your unique expression in this life.

I am grateful and excited to embark on this with you, to learn and expand together!

Let’s descend into the darkness, face the wounds that are calling for our attention and transform them in the fire of our heart.
So we can ascend back into the light with more clarity, more love and more of who we already are.

As I am creating this online container, I will learn and grow with you. Discovering my own wounds and layers as I am sharing this medicine.

Please know, that I am here to hold the space for you and with you, to the best of my abilities in an online setting. 

If at any point, something arises that you would like assistance with, please reach out to me via email (info@yula-elysian.com).

And so… the gates to the first module ‘Sing & Release’ are open for you now. 

The first Module will be diving into wounds that create blockages in your voice. Through different practices we will integrate fears in our voice, our body and our subconscious mind.

This might be a big start to begin this journey with, however my intention for this module is to already work with blockages, so we can proceed the journey with an open voice, as this will allow us to dive into even deeper layers of exploration in the coming modules.

Thank you love for your courage and commitment to create a deeper relationship with your voice.

And now… Feel free to click on the button below to have a look at the overview of the course. 

Please save the link, so you can access the course anytime!

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