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Yula Elysian

Womb to Voice journey

A transformational journey that discovers the energetical and physical connection between our voice and womb. This space is an opportunity to release stuck energy and trauma inside the womb, and create a deeper connection with yourself and your fellow sisters in this circle. 

This healing journey takes place in a safe and held space where you can let go and surrender to fully express yourself.

Open your throat chakra through voice activation, release through guided dance,  meditation, and writing, so you can move forward on your path unafraid of expressing your authentic self.

The circle ends with an intuitive soundjourney.

(Women only)

Release & Connect

Within each of us lies a vast array of energies waiting to be expressed, waiting to be set free. Through the art of partially blindfolded dance, movement, and the activation of our voices, we can tap into these powerful currents that flow within us. We can unleash them onto the world, allowing our souls to soar.

As we release the pent-up energy from our bodies, we embark on a journey of profound self-discovery and learn to connect with others, joining together in pairs and groups to share our energies in through dance.

The session ends with a vocal sound experience.

(All genders welcome)

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