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The voice of shadows

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6 Week Video Course

Voice of shadows

Your voice is the key...

… to your authentic expression. 

Ever since you were birthed into this world, you used your voice to express needs and communicate.

But the older we get, the more our voice and expression is suppressed by society, trauma and limiting beliefs. ‘Be quiet!’ Is just one of the many sentences that built the belief in us that our voices don’t matter, that we are ‘too loud’, ‘too much’.

The result? Blockages in our body that hold us back from living and expressing our full potential. Fears of being heard, fears of using our voice, speaking our truth and express her in all her beautiful facets.

In this course, that includes over 35 videos, you will learn how to connect to your voice, your womb and how to release the beliefs that keep you from expressing yourself fully.

This course is for you if...

  • you want to break free from limiting beliefs
  • you are tired of playing small, knowing there is much more in you
  • you want to release trauma from your womb and voice
  • you feel fears that hold you back from your full potential
  • you want to step deeper into your power as a woman
  • you feel disconnected from your voice and womb
  • it is hard for you to communicate needs & set boundaries
  • you want to use your voice as a powerful healing tool
  • you would like to learn singing & breathing techniques
  • you want to connect to your unique soul sound and sing intuitively
  • you want to connect to your inner artist and creative magic

what women say about the course:

"I haven't even finished the first week and I already noticed some big activations from your vocal medicine. I have already gone up an octave and it sounds much more like ME! I sung in a whole different way - thank you so much!"
- Maddy
Somatic Practitioner
"What a powerful and profound experience. It moved me the whole night yesterday and when I woke up, I felt transformed. I have never experienced this kind of emotional release as in one of the meditations you guided. Thank you for that!"
- Gaia

Free your voice,
free yourself

Because of our upbringing and the society we live in, many women carry a deep trauma when it comes to our voice. 

Over centuries and generations we have been silenced. Unable to speak our truth, needs and desires. 

It starts as young girls, being told that we are too much, that we should be nice an quiet and silently go along with what is expected of us, the shame around our sexuality and feminine power. But this time has to be over. Let’s dive into our depth to break the generational chains and emanate the energy of freedom through our body and voice to finally live the fulfilling live we all deserve. 


What to expect:

6 Modules, including a total of over 35 videos plus writing exercises. 

Here is a short overview of each Module:

M1: Release, connect & sing

We will work with beliefs and fears that block your voice and expression through guided shadow work, inner child healing, meditation and stream consciousness writing

m2: The voice-womb connection

Connecting the voice and the womb and opening the channel to sing and express with your feminine energy and intuition. Releasing trauma from your womb and exploring somatic movement to release stuck energy

m3: Womb work-Ancestral Healing

Working with the witch wound, your ancestors and patterns that have been passed on to you. Releasing any stories that aren’t yours to hold on to anymore

m4: Techniques

Diving into singing techniques to learn how to use your voice in different ways, warm her up and to properly support her with your breath.

m5: Intuitive singing

Connect to your intuition and access the flow state. Learn how to channel energies , so you can express from your deepest core.

m6: Your inner artist

Who is your inner artist and how can you access her to get into a deeper flow while using your voice. Expression is fun and play!

Let your voice be heard.

  • Connect with Your Voice: Dive deep into vocal exercises and techniques designed to unlock the full potential of your voice. From breath control to tonal variation, you’ll learn how to command attention and express yourself with confidence.

  • Embrace Your Authenticity: Let go of the limiting beliefs and fears that have held you back. Through guided meditations, inner child healing and reflective exercises, you’ll peel away the layers of conditioning to reveal your true self – bold, unapologetic, and uniquely you.

  • Tap into Your Creative Power: Your voice is a vessel for creativity and manifestation. Learn how to harness its energy to  shape your reality. Discover new ways to express yourself and learn how to activate your creative flow.

Remember who you are

In my life, I’ve stood on over 80 stages, the biggest in front of 5000 people. Yet, I could never truly be myself. I masked my feelings, putting on a smile to entertain. This mirrored my daily life – hiding behind a facade, afraid to show my true self.

After years in the music industry, I stopped singing at 23, feeling disconnected from myself. It took two years away from music to rediscover my voice and confront old beliefs and trauma. Today, I sing fearlessly, with so much joy in front of many people. Finally embracing and powerfully expressing who I am.

That’s why I created this course – to share lived wisdom from my past and present. So you can step into your true essence with love and trust, expressing from the heart, not just the mind.

6 Modules

Over 35 Videos:

Guided Shadow work Sessions

Guided Meditations

Guided Womb work

Guided singing Practices

Ancestral Trauma Release

Movement/Embodiment Practices

Voice Activation

Stream Consciousness writing & MORE


instead of 277€ regular price – that’s only 25€ per module!

Don’t let your voice be silenced any longer. 

Join me on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Together, we’ll unlock the power of your authentic voice and set you on the path to inner freedom. 

Enroll in The Voice of Shadows today and shine your full light. The world needs it!

About Yula.

Born and raised in Germany, Yula is a certified Meditation Teacher, EFT Practitioner, Shadow Worker and Vocalist

After starting her spiritual journey 7 years ago, she left Germany for good and started traveling the world, rediscovering her voice and her inner world.

Yula has been a professional singer since she was 17, working with a producer in Germany and touring through Germany with a band, standing on well over 80 stages in her life. 

In the last 3 years, she has been teaching and facilitating holistic voice & womb workshops and meditation concerts in Guatemala, Portugal, Germany, Netherlands and Belgium and continues to share her knowledge online.

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